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Acts 26- Paul shares his story before King Agrippa. Will you and I do the same for others?

Acts 19:21-41- Are we willing to follow God even when it challenges our idolatry?

Acts 17:22-34- Believing in Jesus means worshiping him alone! 

Acts 16- Paul's ministry plans turn out nothing like he imagined, but are everything that a sovereign God ordained.

Acts 15- The gospel of Jesus Christ is the single fundamental truth that changes everything.

Acts 14- Paul's ministry is aimed at pointing to the goodness and grace of God alone, and never ours.

Acts 8:26-40- Pastor Chad answers, "Does the end justify the means?

Acts 6:1-7- The early church worked together to solve issues.

Acts 4-5- The generosity of the early church and how it applies to us today.

Acts 4- What bold words for Christ can accomplish for his Kingdom.

Acts 2- Peter's first sermon at Pentecost.

Acts 1:1-11- Christians have a story to tell. The first sermon in the new series, "Second Leg".

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