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Youth group is meeting again! We're in the church lobby every Weds night at 6:00 pm so we can safely distance. If you're from 6th-12th grade, come worship with us!


Looking for info regarding our COVID-19 precautions at our Winter Retreat? Scroll to the bottom of this page!

God's Not Done...

We truly believe that. We believe God wants to reach young men and women in the Alvin area to make them fully devoted to him and sold out for his purposes. So it's the mission of SPY to develop authentic believers who make Jesus their priority, who are active in worship and Bible study, and are ready to reach others around them.

It's the core of the Christian existence that gets lost on so many who walk in and out of the doors of the church. Research continues to show that 8 out of 10 churched young people will leave the church in their young adulthood, with maybe half returning at some point in their lives.

At South Park Youth, we're fighting to turn that statistic around.


COVID-19 Precautions for the Winter Retreat '21:

  • We’re blessed to have a paramedic and a firefighter/EMT as part of our youth ministry leadership. We will conduct temperature checks and health screenings on the JH and HS groups upon their arrival and before breakfast each morning.

  • Worship nights will be split between JH and HS groups (Friday and Saturday night respectively) to limit exposure to people in worship.

  • Students will not be bunking together in motel rooms this year (unless they are siblings/same household).

  • JH rooms will be sanitized before HS uses them.

  • Masks and social distancing-

    • Masks will be worn during worship, games, activities and small group bible studies. Just like on youth group nights, we have a “fist bump rule” in place. When we sit down to do small group bible study, students and leaders will be spaced apart appropriately.

    • During meals- The dining hall at the Lodge is plenty big for us to space out and sit four to a table during JH breakfast and HS dinner on Saturday. We plan on the whole group rotating through a lunch station outdoors on Saturday in a designated location by the fire pit outside.

    • Games- We’re intentionally planning Saturday games that do not require close contact. In between, there will be hand sanitizing during our water breaks.

  • Almost all of Saturday’s activities will take place outdoors, but what if there is inclement weather that day?

    • We always monitor weather closely during the week of to see what Saturday’s weather will look like. We’ve been blessed in years prior to not be hindered by rain or extreme cold, so we always plan retreats with a packed schedule of activities.

    • If it’s going to be chilly outside, we’ll be sure to plan plenty of hot chocolate breaks where groups can rotate getting warm in the dining hall.

    • In the unfortunate case that we won’t be able to hold outdoor activities because of terrible weather, and since COVID-19 limits what we can do together indoors, we will email parents/guardians an amended weekend schedule before the retreat.

      • It will most likely mean an earlier pickup time for JH students and a later arrival time for HS students.

  • What happens if a student begins showing symptoms of COVID-19 at some point during the retreat?

    • 1- That student will immediately go home.

    • 2- If it is early in the day, leaders will contact trace who that student has been in proximity to during activities for more than 10 mins, notify parents and send those students home.

      • OR if it is later in the day and the sick student has already been around numerous students during the retreat, we will notify all parents and send all students home.

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