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COVID-19 Sermon Access:

With all of us being locked inside during this time, weekly youth group sermon snaps are available here. These are short video sermon clips that flow together.


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God's Not Done...

We truly believe that. We believe God wants to reach young men and women in the Alvin area to make them fully devoted to him and sold out for his purposes. So it's the mission of SPY to develop authentic believers who make Jesus their priority, who are active in worship and Bible study, and are ready to reach others around them.

It's the core of the Christian existence that gets lost on so many who walk in and out of the doors of the church. Research continues to show that 8 out of 10 churched young people will leave the church in their young adulthood, with maybe half returning at some point in their lives.

At South Park Youth, we're fighting to turn that statistic around.


When and where do we meet?

Sunday mornings at 9:30 am for Bible study, where we unpack issues in culture and dig deep into theology.

Wednesday evenings begin with 5:30 prayer time, then fellowship until the 6:30 worship and preaching.

All SPY functions take place in the youth room- located upstairs of the Education Building.

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